When time is money; Smarter, Faster Business Payments.

Lessn streamlines your B2B payments.

Control your bill scheduling and payments from one place.

Less admin, more time for growth

Trusted by brands across Australia 

Make Payments Without The Effort

Time poor business owners and their finance managers want more control over their cash flow and time back in their lives.
Synchronise  your accounting software with Lessn, automate, schedule and pay multiple vendors through our one-stop payment platform and get control.

More Reward

Running your own business, solo or with partners, requires hard, constant, work with little recognition.

With Lessn you get access to more rewards for your effort through the smart orchestration of payments through systems that reward your loyalty and effort.

Why Business Owners Love Lessn

How it works

Sign Up

Sign up with your email address. No Subscription fees

Connect Accounting

Connect your accounting system to pull in your outstanding invoices and reconcile them once paid.

Connect Payment

Connect which of our available payment methods you want to use such as bank, card and others coming soon

Schedule Payments

For each invoice, choose when to pay, how much and from which payment method.


What Our Customers Are Saying

From individuals to national corporations, Lessn helps thousands of businesses with their payments everyday.

“As a business owner, Lessn. makes me feel in control. I never wake up in the middle of the night worrying about payments.”
Tynisha Obey
Co-Founder & CEO, Classpass
"Would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to manage their cash flow.”
Jamel Eusebio
Founder, Deel

Package and Post Payments

Someties you’re not interetsed in the detail. You just want to package your payments  and post them all across one or more cards or accounts.

Say "Goodbye" to wasting precious time on admin and get control.

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