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Easily connect your accounting platform to your payment methods to schedule and control your payments, saving time and money.




Successful Payments

The lessn payments revolution

Lessn has many features for business payments to make it easier and more integrated.

Simple Integration

Lessn’s partnership program is adding accounting systems, ERP systems, card and bank payment systems into one system.


Once the invoices are in Lessn, you see what’s to be paid and choose when and how to pay them, without having to enter card details or head off to your banking app to make the payments.

Automate Reconciliation

Once connected, Lessn informs your accounting platform that payments have been made , passing it the information it requires to smoothen reconciliation.

Automation that puts you in charge

Pay any business expense, including staff, in one click.

Split bills across multiple payment options including credit cards.

Use your credit card interest free period to optimise cash flow.

Earn rewards: pay by credit card to collect rewards and access supplier early payment discounts.


The simplest way for businesses to pay

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