The Power of Payment Automation

Lessn is your platform for managing invoices and payments; a solution to enhance control and streamline payment processes through automation.

Improve Your Payment Automation with Lessn

Payment Automation is the foundation of Lessn’s innovative approach to financial management. By helping automate your Organisation’s payment workflows, Lessn helps you gain control, reduce errors and save valuable time to boost overall operational efficiency. With the help of Lessn’s payment automation functionality, your Organisations’s payments are managed, scheduled and processed accurately – every time.

Get More From Your Business Payments


Lessn’s revolutionises the way you approve, schedule and pay e-invoices. We help you further support the digitisation of your invoice process and elimination of paper-based systems by streamlining your payment operations. Lessn helps speed up the E-invoicing process and provides better visibility and tracking of your financial transactions.

Expense Software

Handling expenses is a significant administrative task for any business and Lessn’s expense software can make this easier. Our expense management system allows you to easily keep track of and control your business expenses, ensuring that your financial records are always accurate and up-to-date.

Procurement Solutions

Lessn’s procurement payment management system is designed to streamline your procurement operations. From selecting suppliers to managing purchase order payments and negotiating improved terms, Lessn ensures that your tasks run smoothly and effectively leading to cost reduction and cashflow improvements.

Cashflow Software

Cashflow is the lifeline of any business and Lessn can be useful as cashflow software that equips you with the tools to manage cash proficiently. By utilising our payment scheduling functionality, Lessn can help you make well informed decisions to improve the financial position of your Organisation. Manage cashflow with confidence to stay on top of your finances.


Lessns makes managing Payroll easier and more rewarding. By automating the process of paying employees, Lessn ensures that your payroll is scheduled and processed accurately, while maximising your credit card / reward program points *Coming soon*

Purchase Order Systems

The management of purchase orders is essential for maintaining a streamlined business operation. Lessn’s use in purchase order management can help to automate the approval and tracking of purchase order payment for an organised procurement process. Lessn helps you retain control over your purchasing activities and strengthen relationships with suppliers.

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Lessn’s Payment

Lessn is not just a piece of software – it’s a comprehensive payment automation solution that empowers business owners and decision-makers to manage their finances with ease and precision.
By embracing Lessn’s payment automation and its suite of features, you can unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your financial management. From e-invoicing to purchase order systems, Lessn has everything you need to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping processes.

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