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Lessn can revolutionise your bookkeeping workflows and is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking effective bookkeeping software solutions.

Simplifying Bookkeeping for Businesses of All Sizes

Our platform transforms bookkeeping workflows by offering an solution that caters to smaller firms in search of straightforward bookkeeping software as well as also larger bookkeeping enterprises in need of corporate solutions at scale.
Lessn is a versatile accounting and bookkeeping platform designed to meet the diverse needs of bookkeepers servicing businesses across various industries and verticals.

Key Benefits for Bookkeepers

User-Friendly Interface

Lessn’s easy bookkeeping software for small businesses has been designed with Bookkeeping processes in mind. The interface streamlines payment scheduling, supporting those bookkeepers who handle a large number of businesses.

Process Automation

Lessn automates all repetitive tasks such as data entry, invoice processing and reconciliation. Added up across each client, this automation reduces the risk of human error and increases time available for Bookkeepers to focus on running the business or providing Clients with more strategic guidance.


Whether managing the books for a small startup or a large corporations, Lessn is versatile enough to meet the needs of any business size. Flexible features allow Lessn bookkeepers the ability to tailor the software to fit the unique requirements of each of their Clients.

Comprehensive Reporting

Lessn offers a wide range of customisable reports. Our reports provide bookkeepers with valuable information to share with their clients, helping them understand their financial position and plan for the future. Got something in mind? Tell us what you’d like to see in your reports.

Secure Data Management

We know that data security is a top priority for bookkeepers and Lessn ensures that all financial and personal data is securely stored and encrypted. A World-class security protocol gives Lessn Bookkeepers peace of mind without the need to worry about data loss or breach.

Simple Integrations

Lessn integrates seamlessly with other business tools and software, such as accounting software and CRM platforms. The Lessn integration suite streamlines the bookkeeping process, ensuring that all Client financial data is up to date, synchronised and accurate.

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Saving time for Bookkeepers with Lessn

“The Lessn Platform is a massive time saver for me and ensures B2B payments on behalf of my clients are accurate, secure and streamlined. I have found I can manage my clients with less effort for payment runs and the client is over the moon that they’re now flying business or first class for free as a result”
Liz Trinkle

How Lessn is Transforming Bookkeeping

For Small Businesses

For a sole-trader or small team, Lessn’s simple bookkeeping software empowers bookkeepers to manage their Clients’ finances efficiently. Lessn empowers small teams with the tools needed to grow and succeed.

For Medium to Large Businesses

As businesses expand, Lessn’s scalability and advanced features support more complex bookkeeping requirements, ensuring that bookkeepers can continue to provide valuable and scalable services to their clients.

For Bookkeeping Firms

Lessn is the ideal solution for large bookkeeping firms who require a sophisticated platform with increased security. Lessn’s 2-to-Authorise and permission management for payment authorisation allow large firms to securely streamline Clients accounts and workflows.

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