Maximise Benefits from Rewards Programs

Rewards Programs offered by banks and airlines present an opportunity for businesses to maximise the value from their everyday business transactions.

A Comprehensive Guide to Rewards Programs

In the Business World, every dollar spent counts for something. Lessn, innovative accounting and bookkeeping software, helps businesses to leverage credit card payments and maximise the benefits from various rewards programs.
There are several types of rewards programs that businesses and individuals can benefit from, each offering unique perks. Lessn can help you make the most of these programs with your business expenditure.

Bank Rewards Programs

Banks offer a range of rewards programs that can benefit businesses and Lessn is designed to maximise the benefits of these programs, allowing you to fly better.

ANZ Business Credit Cards

By using ANZ business credit cards you can accumulate rewards points on your business related bills and expenses. Lessn’s multiple payment types allow you to take advantage of ANZs rewards program to make the most of your rewards all while operating an efficient business payment automation process with Lessn.

Citi Rewards

The Citi Rewards program offers a versatile rewards structure, including the ability to convert Citi Rewards points into Velocity points. With Lessn’s multiple payment types, you can unlock Citi Rewards and maximise your points before exploring the best redemption choices for your personal or business needs.

Commbank Business Credit Card

Commbank’s business credit card loyalty program provides a range of advantages for businesses. Lessn helps you to manage your business credit card transactions, while maximising and monitoring your rewards points.

NAB Velocity Card and NAB Qantas Business Signature Visa

NAB offers cards linked to both the NAB Rewards and Qantas rewards programs. By using Lessn as your payment automation software, you can maximise your NAB or Qantas transactions and rewards points to ensure full benefit from your card Business usage.

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Flying Higher with
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Virgin Australia Business Flyer

The Virgin Australia business account allows businesses to save on eligible flights and earn points when the whole company team flies Virgin. By consolidating travel fares for your company team you can track and consolidate Virgin benefits while managing your travel expenses efficiently through Lessn.

Qantas Shop with Points

The Qantas rewards program offers the ability to shop with points, providing businesses with a range of redemption options. By consolidating business payments through Lessn, you can maximise program points and explore the best ways to use them for your business needs.

Get More from your Business Sundries

In addition to bank and flight rewards programs, Lessn gives businesses the ability to leverage retail rewards programs too. There are many retail rewards programs that can offer Organisations an additional avenue to maximising value from Business transactions.
Whether it’s earning points on office supplies, technology, or other business essentials, Lessn ensures that you can easily accumulate and redeem retail rewards by consolidating your business expense payments. By leveraging retail rewards programs, businesses can enjoy discounts, exclusive offers, and other benefits that contribute to cost savings and enhanced shopping experiences.

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