Lessn Supports Many Payment Types

Pay your way, with Lessn. Explore the various payment types accommodated by Lessn and how payment method flexibility can benefit your business’ bottom line.

Navigating Payment Types with Lessn

Having flexibility on payment type method is essential for businesses to ensure financial health and adequate cashflow. Whether you are a business owner, decision maker or bookkeeper, Lessn can help assist with cashflow decision making by accommodating a wide range of payment methods. This provides businessess with the flexibility and efficiency needed to operate a healthy, profitable business.

Current and Future Payment
Methods, with Lessn.

International Transfers

The ability to conduct international transfers is crucial for businesses that operate across borders. Lessn offers the ability to conduct international money transfers, ensuring that you can send payments worldwide with ease. Our platform is designed to optimise international money transfers, minimising the cost admin and maximising your financial efficiency.


Bpay is one of the most popular payment methods in Australia for paying bills and invoices. Lessn’s will soon offer Bpay Payments for businesses to manage their bill payments effortlessly within Lessn’s payment automation and scheduling software. This ensures that your payments are processed accurately and on time, reducing the risk of late fees or fines.


American Express offers a variety of premium business cards, such as the Qantas Business Amex and the American Express Platinum Business Card Australia. Lessn’s compatibility with Amex allows businesses to take full advantage of the rewards and benefits offered for business expenses paid with Amex, while also achieving payment automation efficiency.

Business Cards

Business credit cards are a great way to manage company expenses and Lessn supports for various payment types, including Amex, American Express and Visa. With Lessn, you can easily schedule, pay and reconcile your business card transactions, ensuring that your financial records are always up to date while simultaneously maximing rewards and benefits to your company.


Visa business cards are known for their universal acceptance and reliability. Lessn permits payment processing using Visa cards, allowing businesses to manage their Visa transactions efficiently, keeping track of expenses and ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded in their financial statements.


Mastercard corporate cards are known for their flexibility and security in providing businesses with a payment option for transactions. With Lessn, Organisations can easily process their payments using Mastercard. This compatability ensures businessess can leverage Mastercard’s Global acceptance with perks like cashback and travel rewards.

Lessn can streamline your payment processes

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The Advantages of Multiple Payment Types with Lessn

Cash Flow

Lessn’s multiple payment types give you the freedom to utilise available funds for payments or opt for credit card when prudent. Lessn grants you clearer insight andempowers you with the ability to make informed decisions about maintaining optimal financial health.


By consolidating all payment methods in one platform, Lessn streamlines your financial processes, saving you time in administration and reducing the risk of errors.


Lessn supports a wide range of payment types, giving business owners and decision makers the flexibility to choose how they pay and when to pay.

Lessn’s Accepted Payment Types

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