The Power of Lessn and Xero Together

Lessn offers seamless integration with Xero, one of the world’s leading accounting platforms. This partnership empowers you to efficiently manage your business payments, maximise your cash flow, and free up your time.
Become a more efficient Business with Lessn and Xero

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Automatic Data Syncing

Lessn works with Xero to automatically sync financial data and invoices, ensuring that your accounts and general ledger stay current. This removes the need for manual data entry on invoicing, payment scheduling or reconciliation and minimises the chance of mistakes or human error.

Streamlined Invoice Management

By integrating your Lessn account with Xero, you can smoothly managing your existing invoicing process. Lessn complements Xero’s automation features, allowing you to sync, schedule and pay your organisation’s invoices via an end to end invoice payment process.

Simplified Billing and Payments

Lessn’s integration with Xero simplifies your organisation’s billing and payment process. Xero’s features are complemented by Lessn’s automated invoice payment solutions, providing a seamless experience for managing customer invoices and payments in one efficient accounting solution.

Maximise the Benefits of your Lessn and Xero Integration

  • Streamline your accounting processes from approving bills through to reconciliation, with the combined power of Lessn’s payments automation and Xero’s trusted features.
  • As your business grows, Lessn will scale with you. Lessn gives you the flexibility and sophistication needed to manage your growing financial needs.
  • Securely share your organisation’s financial data between Lessn and Xero for better collaboration between your accounting team, bookkeepers and other stakeholders.

Discover the benefits

The integration of Lessn and Xero offers a powerful solution if your business is looking to streamline financial management.
Leverage both platforms and enjoy enhanced payment process efficiencies.
Leverage both platforms and enjoy enhanced payment process efficiencies.

Lessn is your Business Payments Solution

Our platform is engineered to assist in timely bill payments, transforming how businesses handle their finances. We help business owners and decision makers unlock improved efficiencies and optimised cash flow.

Payment Automation

We believe in empowering businesses by automating their organisation’s payment workflows, helping business owners and decision makers to gain control, reduce errors and save valuable time. This boosts overall operational efficiency, ensuring payments are managed, scheduled and processed accurately every time.

Software Integrations

Lessn prides itself on seamless integration with the world’s leading accounting platforms. This enables a streamlined financial management solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy in financial operations.

Payment Types

We recognise the need for flexibility in payment methods to ensure healthy cash flow. Lessn supports a wide array of payment options, providing businesses with the efficiency needed to operate profitably by choosing a payment method for each invoice.

Rewards Programs

Helping businesses to leverage rewards programs offered by banks and airlines is another area where Lessn excels. We help businesses maximise the value from their everyday transactions, turning routine payments into opportunities for savings and rewards.

Discover the difference with Lessn Business Payment Efficiencies

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