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Discover how Lessn can transform your Accounts Payable operations by creating efficiency, accuracy and speed for your payments processes

Lessn streamlines Accounts Payable Processes

No more clunky ABA files coupled and peace-meal Credit Card payments

We know that Accounts Payable Teams are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency, reduce manual errors and streamline the complex cross departmental processes embedded in their organisation.

Lessn is an innovative payment automation solution that is designed to address these challenges, empowering Accounts Payable teams with a comprehensive solution to issues faced daily.

Understand the benefits Lessn can bring to your AP Team’s processes and take the first step towards increased operational efficiency.

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Purpose Built for AP Teams

Automated Invoice Processing

Lessn automates the entire invoice processing workflow, from importing invoice data to approval, scheduling and payment. This automation reduces manual data entry and the need for painful banking files, ensuring a smoother and more accurate accounts payable process.

Seamless Integration

Lessn integrates with your Organisation’s existing bookkeeping system, such as MYOB and Xero, ensuring a seamless flow of data between financial software and systems. Our integrations provide a holistic view of your Organisation’s approved, scheduled and paid invoices as well as helping you simplify the reconciliation process.

Real Time Visibility

With Lessn, accounts payable teams have real-time visibility into their Organisation’s outstanding invoices and scheduled future payments, enabling them to track invoices, monitor payment statuses and manage cash flow more effectively for their department.

Secure Payment Processing

Lessn supports a variety of payment types including Credit Card, BPay and Bank transfer which ensures secure payment processing. Our software’s encryption and security protocols protect your Organisation’s financial data and transactions.

Vendor Management

Lessn is an extension to your accounting software and provides a centralised experience for viewing all bills, the status of outstanding invoices and available methods to pay. This centralised management simplifies vendor interactions and helps build stronger relationships within your Organisation’s supply chain.

Reporting for AP Teams

Lessn offers advanced reporting capabilities, allowing accounts payable teams to generate detailed reports on their payables, track key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions for their Organisation’s financial benefit.

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How we can help Accounts Payable Teams

Improved Vendor Relationships

Timely and accurate payments, processed using Lessn, can help to strengthen relationships with your Organisation’s vendors resulting in better payment terms and potentially more favorable pricing. Lessn helps you unlock more from your suppliers, benefitting the business while doing so.

Accuracy and Compliance

Lessn reduces the risk of errors in your AP processes and ensures compliance with internal policies as well as meeting external regulatory requirements. Implementing a system like Lessn within your Organisation’s AP software suite is can help to improve the integrity of your financial records.

Cost Reduction

By streamlining the accounts payable process, Lessn helps your AP team reduce processing costs and avoid late payment fees, contributing to overall cost savings and increased cash flow for the organisation.

Efficiency Gains

By automating repetitive tasks, Lessn frees up your Accounts Payable team to focus on more strategic activities, such as supplier relationship management and the identification of cost-saving opportunities.

Lessn is a powerful tool for accounts payable teams

Our Accounts Payable solution enhances your Organisation’s payment efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

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“Highly recommended for any business serious about scaling efficiently.”
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