Fast Business payments, with Quickbooks and Lessn.

Perfect for organisaitons of all sizes, the Lessn x Quickbooks collaboration will bring innovative payment automation to your accounting processes.
Experience how Lessn and Quickbooks can simplify and enhance your payment processes

The Lessn and Quickbooks Integration

Automatic Sync

The integration between Lessn and QuickBooks will automate the synchronisation of your supplier contacts and invoices, ensuring your Organisation’s accounts payable information is always up-to-date. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, significantly reducing the risk of errors and saving time within the Finance department.

Lessn Grows with you

As your business grows, the Lessn and QuickBooks integration will provide the flexibility and functionality needed to manage your evolving financial needs. Lessn helps you understand the state of relationships with suppliers. Your evolving financial needs will be covered with the Lessn x QuickBooks integration.

Error Reduction

The Lessn x Quickbooks partnership will harness the power of automation to minimise mistakes within your financial processes and personnel, ensuring that your financial data remains precise and trustworthy.

Financial Visibility

Leverage the strengths of both Lessn and QuickBooks to gain access to detailed financial reports. These insights into financial performance and cash flow help business owners and decision makers understand the state of relationships with suppliers to make informed business decisions.

Who is Lessn for?

1. For Business Owners

2. For Bookkeepers

3. For Accounts Payable

Streamline your payment processess with Lessn

Lessn is your Business Payments Solution

Our platform is engineered to assist in timely bill payments, transforming how businesses handle their finances. We help business owners and decision makers unlock improved efficiencies and optimised cash flow.

Payment Automation

We believe in empowering businesses by automating their organisation’s payment workflows, helping business owners and decision makers to gain control, reduce errors and save valuable time. This boosts overall operational efficiency, ensuring payments are managed, scheduled and processed accurately every time.

Software Integrations

Lessn prides itself on seamless integration with the world’s leading accounting platforms. This enables a streamlined financial management solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy in financial operations.

Payment Types

We recognise the need for flexibility in payment methods to ensure healthy cash flow. Lessn supports a wide array of payment options, providing businesses with the efficiency needed to operate profitably by choosing a payment method for each invoice.

Rewards Programs

Helping businesses to leverage rewards programs offered by banks and airlines is another area where Lessn excels. We help businesses maximise the value from their everyday transactions, turning routine payments into opportunities for savings and rewards.

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